They say moving house (and especially buying a house) is among the most stressful life events. Well, we just bought our first house, and moved in a couple of weeks ago, and while there have been moments of stress, on the whole I think we’ve handled it pretty well and we got through it relatively unscathed!

I also seem to have discovered a hidden… I can’t say talent… let’s say a willingness to attempt DIY, which seems to have been mostly dormant for the 36 years I have lived in someone else’s house. I haven’t done any major renovations (we purposely bought a house that didn’t really need any work), but I have done a lot of odd jobs such as mounting the TV on the wall, putting up curtain rails and blinds, laying (a very small amount of) flooring and carpet, putting a bolt on the bathroom door, and my personal favourite: hanging my guitars on the wall!

One of the hardest tasks so far has been replacing the toilet seat! The old one had bolts that had rusted tight, so I ended up having to drill them off, which took way longer than it should have.

Anyway, we’re getting to the point where there’s not too much left to do, so the tools will probably be hibernating for the winter soon, but it’s nice to know I can at least drill a hole in a wall when I need to!

Thanks to everyone who sent us cards/gifts/messages, we really appreciate it!