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Maybe one day I'll come up with a more imaginitive name

Dan’s blog is now dans.blog — January 9, 2017

Dan’s blog is now dans.blog

Thanks to Automattic being the registrar for .blog domain names, I was able to get the domain dans.blog, which I’m sure you’ll agree is a lot easier to remember than iamdanjohnson.wordpress.com 🙂

I guess now there’s no need to think of a more imaginative name!

In other news, we stuck to our policy of not sending Christmas cards, and nobody cared. At least nobody told us they cared. And some people told us they didn’t care!

The only people we sent cards to were our neighbours, mainly so they know our names as we haven’t met them all yet. Maybe we’ll strike them off the list next year too! 😀

The requisite first post — September 25, 2016

The requisite first post

This post isn’t really about anything, I just feel like when you start a blog there has to be some kind of introduction, otherwise it’s like starting to talk halfway through a sentence… or something.

Anyway, I decided to start a blog, just to post occasionally about what I’ve been up to. Mostly for my own benefit, as a kind of journal, but also for my family and anyone else who may be interested.

That’s it. The next post will be way less boring, I promise. Might even throw in a photo or two!